Plattsburgh, NY

Our new go-to mini-vacation spot is not too far away from us, it has shopping and dining options that our small town just does not have; and our favorite feature is the Comfort Inn which houses a mini indoor water park! 🙂


The purpose of our trip there this past weekend was for my husband to run the Plattsburgh Half-Marathon. The Comfort Inn and shopping and dining were all just a bonus the day before. I must say we were very impressed with how the race was organized, and the weather could not have been better for it! My husband ran a better time than anticipated considering his minimal training this time around and we couldn’t be more proud. This was his 4th half-marathon and we have yet to miss one; we are always there to see him off at the start and greet him at the finish line and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


If you ever get a chance to visit Plattsburgh I definitely recommend it; the hotel also has a bowling alley, mini-golf, and arcade indoors. We have yet to check out that feature but I will surely update my readers once we do get a chance!


~ Melanie

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