Real Food

Something that is becoming very important to us is what we eat. Changing your eating habits is not easy, especially when all the wrong things taste so good! However having struggled with my weight for several years now is what has started us on this path and learning more and more about how rotten so many foods are for you is what is pushing us to make more drastic changes. We buy very little processed food anymore, we have gotten rid of our microwave; and we plan on growing and making (snack foods, seasonings, cheese…) a lot of our own food from now on.

We still enjoy eating out because let’s face it, it’s fun and it’s always nice when you don’t have to do dishes! 🙂 We have however stopped eating fast food for the most part, and living in a place with few chain restaurants makes a difference. Our goals here are however to eat out a lot less and while during travel and hectic times like moving right now it is more difficult we are doing pretty well with it.

When we aren’t watching our shows on Hulu or Amazon Prime or watching wholesome faith based movies we have begun watching documentaries. Recently we have watched the following two documentaries (GMO OMG and Food Inc.) about food and while we already pretty much knew a lot of this stuff it was definitely eye opening to see just how bad a lot of our food really is for us! I encourage you to watch them if you get a chance, they are both on Netflix. I’d also love to hear your input if you do check them out. My next goal besides making changes for my own family is going to be advocating for healthy food so you are going to hear a lot more from me on this matter. Hopefully I’m able to open more eyes to the tragedy that is our food industry and perhaps together we can make a difference.




One thought on “Real Food

  1. Food Inc. was one of the most horrifying things I have ever watched. Enjoy the journey to more wholesome, healthful eating. 😀


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