Do you like scavenger hunts? If you have a smartphone, grab the geocaching app and get ready for an adventurous afternoon! My sons and I have done this in the past and it is so much fun. This past week our boy scout group went on a geocache hunt. It took us a little while to finally find it but I think that is what makes it so much more fun! Sadly for the boys the “treasure” in this one was pretty lame, but we are meeting again next week to create our own cache to fill with goodies and hide for others.

My advice if you are searching for one in nature is to wear long pants and sleeves if it’s not too warm and bring plenty of bug spray. Even with our bug spray we all gotten bitten pretty good. No fun! But I think the boys all enjoyed themselves too much to be too bothered by it.

I plan to create a small one with my sons sometime this summer and hide it in our own town. I will be sure to share this info with you (without coordinates) and if you are local I’d love to hear if you try to set out and find our treasure! 🙂

The basic rules with geocaches are to leave them exactly where you found them and usually there is something inside that you can take with you, if you do that it is expected and courteous to leave something in exchange. Also caches often have a logbook to sign, please do! It is a lot of fun for the person who left it to see how many people have found their package.

Another fun activity is letterboxing, very similar but I will save that post for another day. I am going to see if there are any hidden around our area and set off to find them with my boys first. Here are a couple of photos from our boy scout hunt!



Meet Cinder

Our family has grown by four legs and plenty of fur today. We had been talking about adding another feline to our mix once we bought our home and after getting much baby fever when a friend gave birth this week I thought it was the perfect time, and as I got onto craigslist to begin my search it turned out that this lovely woman needed to find a home for several kittens. We were suppose to meet her tomorrow and choose from one of three when she told me someone came and took Momma and two of the babies, so we decided to go tonight to pick up the remaining baby girl. I am so glad we did, she is absolutely beautiful and pure sweetness! Let me introduce you to Cinder, she is 6 weeks old and an absolute cuddlebug.



1st and 4th

Last summer our family decided that we would be year-round homeschoolers. The biggest reason for this was because long breaks make for a pretty big struggle getting back into routine; this seems to be a problem with public school students as well, I am just glad that I am able to have a solution to that problem that works! So, instead of taking a long summer break; we take several more frequent breaks. On top of that we honestly don’t even do the two week holiday break that the public schools here do, we take about a week. My boys struggle if they do not have structure and I don’t like breaking that for too long because I feel so defeated when it takes us a week or more just to get back into our groove.

With that said, we have begun 1st and 4th grade this week! We have also changed our curriculum this year (after several years of using the same company.) We used My Father’s World prior to this year and while I loved it for K-2nd, I wasn’t really loving it for 3rd grade and about halfway into the year I knew that I wanted to finish it up and look for something else. This year we are trying Lifepac for most of the subjects and some various programs and texts for the rest. This is only our second day but I am loving it already, we have never had our school day run this smoothly! The biggest change was that our old curriculum was all inclusive and the lesson planning was basically done for you; this time it was up to me and I must admit at first I was a little nervous but it really wasn’t that bad and it was actually kind of fun!

I look forward to reviewing the curriculum later on as well as sharing some of our projects with you! While I am fairly private and will not be sharing photos of my sons with you, I thought I’d include a teaser from the at home photo shoot we did yesterday. We take first day of school photos every year and I must say, in our beautiful new forest (yard) these were the best yet!

b g



Because the photo I posted last night in all my excitment does not do this beautiful red justice, here is a photo I took this morning. 


I am so in love with it and cannot wait to start on our next project! 

My Red Door

A red door is inviting, it says “welcome!” In Ireland a red door is said to ward off evil, and do you remember what the Hebrew slaves were instructed to do? Smear lamb’s blood on their front door to protect their first-born from the angel of death. And probably one of my favorite traditions involving red doors is that of the Catholic churches painting their doors red to represent the blood of Christ. 

I have wanted a red door on my home for as long as I can remember, and when I was looking at information and images before we got our door and chose our paint I found all of these wonderful “facts” about red doors and it made me love it even more! 

Today my husband went to purchase our door and the paint that I chose “fabulous red” so that we could get a head start before our new handle/lock arrived. To our surprise this new lock that was suppose to take 3 weeks was waiting for us when my husband got home. 

So on this beautiful Friday, we have completed the first project on our home. I am so blessed to have such an eager and determined husband. I am very happy with my new door!


Spring has really sprung! 

We had a long and cold winter here in the North Country and I am so very happy that it is finally warmer! The days are longer, the air is fresh; I can wear flip flops and one of the best parts of this time of year, is today the Farmer’s Market opened! 

Obviously I did not come home with mounds of fresh produce and flowers like I normally would but the boys and I made sure to make a trip out to see what kind of goodies we could find. There were only a few vendors out today, and a couple of guys practicing tae-kwon-do in the park, Gavin enjoyed this! I forgot to tell you, he received his yellow belt this week! So proud!  

So for the next few weeks I will at least be going to the market for my farm fresh meat and baked goodies. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the opening. God is so good!

What are your favorite things to take home from the Farmer’s Market? If you have never been to one, what are you waiting for? Support your local farmer’s and feed your family better quality food! 


We’re Here!

We moved into our home over the weekend and it feels like we’ve been here forever. It just feels like home even though we are still unpacking and setting up, it just feels right! I have been pacing myself because we plan to have a yard sale as we are still on a path to minimalism, so I am purging as I go. We also need to get our school work done which has been amazing with these surroundings! I just cannot express how happy I am here, we are truly blessed and this is all in God’s timing so I know this is where He wants us to be! My husband and I both have racing minds with all sorts of projects and “fix-ups” that we already want to do; all of this will come with time of course as we will pace ourselves for the sake of not getting bored, and have a goal to pay cash for all of these dreams. I am looking forward to sharing our homeschool & homesteading days with you and our many home improvement projects as well; stay tuned as we settle in and build our nest.

God Bless!