Blog Prompt: Travel Tuesday

What are the top 5 places you would like to travel?

If time, money, and restrictions were not an issue; the places I would most like to visit in order are as follows: 

Israel: Because I think nothing would be more memorable or inspiring as walking on the same ground that Jesus Christ once roamed. Sadly, in our time it is not such a nice place to visit. I will just have to wait to be united with him someday! 

Ireland: While I do not have a deep Irish heritage, I do have one and I am proud of it. I would love to tour Ireland simply because it is beautiful, however! Lush green landscapes and beautiful architecture. It makes my soul sing!

Italy: This has always been a dream of mine because of two things: art and architecture! I have always longed to walk the streets of Venice and Rome, and visiting the Vatican would be the cherry on top. 

Japan: I find Japanese culture and landscape simply beautiful and would love to see it all up close, I guess the language barrier would be the biggest issue with this one but it would be worth it!

Hawaii: While we have been blessed enough to live in Hawaii for two years, I would love so much to return so my youngest two son’s could experience it. I would also like to visit the other islands as we had never left the island of Oahu.

That’s my list, what is on yours? If you have traveled to any of my picks I would love to hear about it! 

Thank you, Lord for creating such a beautiful planet.


Progress Report

I know I have not updated you with much lately but there hasn’t been much to update you with, no big projects or new recipes as most of my recipes right now are from the FGG! And speaking of that, the results from my first week following their diet are in! I have lost a whopping 6.2lbs in just one week! I am less than a pound away from *my* June goal! Yippee! At this rate I will surpass it considerably, talk about motivation! I need to step up the workout routine a little but a couple of days I was either feeling sort of ill or had company over, just going to have to try harder this week! I highly recommend their ebook if you need a little boost and joining the challenge on Instagram for a LOT of support and encouragement! I am meeting some wonderful ladies on there and it is so nice to have the support and accountability again! I check in on there more than once a day, we share tips and plenty of love! If you would like to know a little more about it before making the leap and purchasing their ebook feel free to leave me your email address or find me on Facebook or Twitter so I can answer some minor questions and share my experience with you!

We haven’t gotten many new things done on the house, just taking it easy right now. The new school year is going quite well however and we are so excited for the warmer days to get here so we can use our new pool! The boys and I will probably be starting on our Fairy garden this week so be on the lookout for photos of that, I have been all over pinterest looking for ideas and had already purchased a few cute items for it; it’s going to be so much fun having a project for just the boys and I! ­čÖé

I hope this Monday is kind to you and that you are kicking off June with a bang! Have a great week loves!


Time for Change!

I have struggled with my weight for years now and I had done really well on Weight Watchers when we lived somewhere that had meetings but since then have fallen off the wagon over and over again and gained back a lot of what I had lost. It has been affecting my mood and of course it is bound to affect my health someday. I am determined to finally change our eating habits for good. I have decided to jump on the Fit Girl’s Guide 28 day jumpstart challenge, and am combining it with the Made to Crave Bible study. Today was day one and the challenge has gone great, once my boys are in bed I’m going to work on my study. I am not comfortable sharing my before photos but I will definitely share my progress with you as time moves on.

I must say, if you are looking for a new way to jumpstart your weight loss journey I highly recommend FGG. There is a workout and exercise plan for the entire challenge and even though I’ve only had one day worth of meals so far they are all delicious and I haven’t felt hungry as much as I thought I would. One part of the challenge is no soda whatsoever so if you are trying to kick that habit as well that is another good reason to give it a shot.

I’d like to ask for your prayers along this journey and if you have any questions about either the challenge or the study and would like to join me on this road to health then by all means leave a comment or find me on Facebook or Twitter!