Civil War Days

Every year hosts a Civil War weekend in Massena, NY. I personally have always thought it would be neat to go to a civil war re-enactment, so this past weekend my boys and I did just that. It was really fun, my middle son and I both participated in a frying pan toss (who knew I could toss one 34 feet, ha!) and the boys got to check out some of the weapons and old time toys; which each of them (including my 17 year old) chose one to bring home.

The guys did an excellent job with the re-enactment, answered any questions people had about life in the 1800’s and really made the day pleasant as did the women in their gowns which I was loving! My younger two boys decided they wanted to work on some Civil War lapbooks this week and my oldest is interested in enlisting as a re-enactor. Good times. I definitely recommend checking out one of these events should there be one near you!


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I apologize for my extended absence, life has been a little hectic in our little corner of the woods. Lots of good, busy fun and a few storms. I am ready to set some time aside for my hobby again and share my ideas and projects with you. As of lately we haven’t taken on anything big, got some more painting done and made a few small repairs but that is about it. The boys and I are currently working on adding to our fairy garden so I will share some photos of that with all of you soon! We had an amazing birthday party for our youngest at the beginning of the month; great turnout, tasty food, a bounce house for the kiddos and lots of laughter and great company. We’ve done a little exploring around here too and I will share some photos from that this weekend after we return to our new favorite spot; and we are planning a mini vaca during the month of October so you will be hearing about that as well soon as I’d love some feedback from you!

Have a blessed day and stay tuned!