What a….

Day, week, month… Oh yeah, it’s been a long summer. We have been so busy but the sad part is, very little of it has been “good” busy. It’s just been busy work and running around, and struggles. My father is ill and I have run back home several times to be with him. Alzheimer’s and Dementia; it’s pretty bad and has taken a huge emotional toll on me. Aside from that I am not going to air my dirty laundry or bore you with the lack of excitement that has been our summer. 😉

We did take the boys to the county fair however and we are adding a new fur baby to our family tomorrow! So there is that! And even though we are pretty much a year-round schooling family we have definitely taken off more time than I care to over this summer. I think it was good though, my boys needed to be able to just enjoy some freedom and our swimming pool (on the days that it has actually felt like summer.) I am sitting here a little chilled as it is currently 66 degrees out on this August evening.

I am so ready to get back into a routine however and hopefully to finally kick off this blog in the way that I had hoped to months ago when I started it. The home projects have also been minimal because well they cost a lot and take a lot of time. Any of the projects we have taken care of are not really blog-worthy. 🙂 Both of my boys have however signed up for FOOTBALL for the fall and I am very excited about that; we will resume school either this week or next. I look forward to sharing some of what we will be learning with you as well as our football and co-op adventures!

I hope the last bit of your summer (if you still have any left) is pleasant and peaceful. Thanks for sticking by me through my rough start on this journey.