School is in Session!

Alright, we have things well underway so it is time to get to blogging! We are on week 3 of our Fall semester and things have been going better than they ever have for us! I owe it all to one simple tool. Workboxes! I came across this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try; let me tell you I have always used an all inclusive curriculum and never had to lesson plan before and when new first began our 1st and 4th grade school year it was going a little rough. I have been using the workboxes this semester and school is going a lot more smoothly and for some reason it has made lesson planning easy for me. I sit down every night and fill the boxes with each of the boy’s assignments for each subject for the next day and after we say our prayers they just get right to it, they know that once they are done with what is in that box they are done with that subject and once they are done with all of them we move onto the fun stuff (art, music, PE…)

I use sticky tabs to mark the pages they need to complete if there is a workbook; and sticky notes to mark instructions on any worksheets or other assignments, I keep track in my planner and our school day runs much more smoothly. I purchased my cart from Amazon (affiliate link) if you need something to keep you organized I highly recommend a set. I have labels on the drawers so my boys know which ones are theirs, so simple!