We have been sort of off schedule, off routine, and off life for a while. Just doing what we need to get by, my father passed away at the end of September and it’s been a month and a half or so of roller coaster rides! Very hard the week he passed and the one following as we got everything in order for his send off, had a few good weeks and now I am back to some heavy mourning.

His passing was not completely unexpected, but that does not make it any easier. He suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and went into a coma. I spent 3 days at his bedside praying, reading scripture, and talking to him. He passed away the day after I came home. But this was all following a diagnoses of dementia and Alzheimer’s approximately a year ago, and he had gotten to the point that he had no quality of life so God took him home by his grace and mercy. We are accepting of his passing in the sense that he is no longer suffering, however we miss him dearly.

Ongoing prayers are definitely appreciated as we cope with this and try to get our lives back into routine; the grieving process is so very personal and unpredictable so it makes it a little difficult to plan things because you just never know how you are going to wake up feeling on any given day.

My boys have been doing okay with all of it because they are still young and were not super duper close to my dad, they were the only two people he remembered til the end though so that is something special for myself and them to hold onto. Both are doing well with their lessons, and have returned to CFA which they adore. It’s a Friday program at one of our churches which hosts over 140 homeschoolers to enjoy the arts, physical education, and the word of God. I am so incredibly thankful for this program.

Aside from that we have been doing a little renovation to the house and planning even more; oh if time and money were of 0 concern my husband would probably quit his day job and have a dozen projects going at once! haha I love his passion when it comes to handiwork and am thankful that he has the ability and knowledge to do all of these things!

Thanks for your time and prayers.