It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Hello lovelies, I tell ya it is hard to get into a groove with this blog but I really want to get better about this. Life has been crazy busy! We had just started getting back into our routine after weeks of grieving and recuperating from that, when my mother landed in the hospital ill. That sent me on a week or so of emotional turmoil as I prayed for her healing and fought with the fear that I could lose her so soon after my father. 

She is doing better now, and we just honored my father’s birthday the weekend after Thanksgiving with a service and dinner with close family. I miss him so much, but I have a lot more good days than bad now. 

Thanksgiving was pretty good, my Mom came out to enjoy the meal with us. Was just a nice quiet evening in with lots of yummy food!

The next day the boys and I began our holiday preparations and decorating! December is one of my favorite months because I put out a lot of effort making it so special and memorable for my sons.

I hope you have a blessed advent season and Christmas, I would love to hear about some of your traditions! I will share some of ours in another blog post shortly.