Summer is coming!

The coop is finished and the chickens have been evicted from the house! It still needs a few finishing touches before I share photos but my awesome husband did a great job! Look at this happy roo! 13245501_507560146101327_8376162509194222939_n.jpg

Aside from that, our garden is growing and so is my home business! I have stocked my inventory for some crafting which will be listed on Etsy and I have joined the ranks of CTMH consultants!

The school year is winding down also and I am planning for 2nd and 5th grades, going to try some new curriculum this year that I am really excited about! It’s been an adjustment since we re-homed Esme but we are coping well and she has settled in quite nicely and is very happy. The hole in my heart from this is being filled in with a new feline friend that will be coming home next week, I am very excited and so are the boys!

I just wanted to give a quick update so thanks for stopping by! Most of you who follow me on facebook already know most of this but not all of my readers do. I look forward to sharing some photos over the next week!


Ch ch ch ch changes!

It has been quite the week in our little forest. Have dealt with a lot if little hurdles and also made some big decisions; biggest being that we had to rehome our Husky, Esme. It is very bittersweet but it was the best choice for our small pets who couldn’t handle her play, and for her as she can now be herself and she moved in with her bloodline (father and sister) and we will get to visit as well so that definitely makes this a little easier. The owner is also a friend so she has been sending us photos and videos, the boys get so excited about that. We miss you baby girl but are so glad that you are happy and fitting in! 

The next bit of news is something I am excited about! I am still a Scentsy consultant but I also just signed up to be a Close to My Heart consultant! I cannot wait to get started with this endeavor! As a homeschool mom it is important that we do things for ourselves as well so I am expanding my “work at home” office with this and with a craft business that I will be opening up on Etsy! Once our garden and homesteading get well under way I also plan to sell some of our bounty. 

Aside from that; we have recently renewed our vows, gone on a great field trip, I have several fun events in the planning and our chickens are getting very big and will be moved into their coop within the week! My oldest has a steady job and has prom and grad coming up; and my other two are winding down this school year nicely. Looking forward to lots of summer fun! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a blessed week!