Summer is coming!

The coop is finished and the chickens have been evicted from the house! It still needs a few finishing touches before I share photos but my awesome husband did a great job! Look at this happy roo! 13245501_507560146101327_8376162509194222939_n.jpg

Aside from that, our garden is growing and so is my home business! I have stocked my inventory for some crafting which will be listed on Etsy and I have joined the ranks of CTMH consultants!

The school year is winding down also and I am planning for 2nd and 5th grades, going to try some new curriculum this year that I am really excited about! It’s been an adjustment since we re-homed Esme but we are coping well and she has settled in quite nicely and is very happy. The hole in my heart from this is being filled in with a new feline friend that will be coming home next week, I am very excited and so are the boys!

I just wanted to give a quick update so thanks for stopping by! Most of you who follow me on facebook already know most of this but not all of my readers do. I look forward to sharing some photos over the next week!


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