Life is full of curves, and hills and bumps. We have so many sunny days and rainbows but we often go thru storms. A broken hand, losing a family pet… those are a couple. But when someone you love & cherish is sick, that is tough. It can be scary! I am sitting here up later than I usually am because my heart is alert, worried, and lonely.  My best friend is in the hospital tonight, we won’t have any answers til morning. We know it’s his gallbladder, and that he may or may not have an infection and may or may not be having surgery performed. But even when you know it isn’t the worse case scenario, it can still be pretty scary. For me, losing weight is important (though very difficult) because my family history holds heart disease, and obesity. For my husband, this is scary to me because of everything that is so close in that cluster of the human body. You see, his  mother died from pancreatic cancer several years ago. So, my husband having stomach related issues is definitely worrisome  to me. I’ve been praying, and trying to keep my mind busy with school planning and mindless tasks. Acting strong, especially for the sake of my boys. But I am not going to lie, I am scared. I even asked God to not let me lose him anytime soon, I know that the complications  from this are rare but I am a natural born worrier (take after my late father) so I have to remind myself that God has GOT this, and everything else in our lives! My husband had other concerns related to recovery, and I told him it is what it is and God will handle it. So why is it so hard to remember that for myself? Am I struggling more right now because I have  had such a rough year? Perhaps. I have suffered a lot of loss and heartbreak this year and it has really changed me as a person, my husband and I have also grown even closer together and even renewed our vows. So I think I continue cherishing him more and more as time goes on. I mean who wouldn’t, he is a hardworking and respectable man who takes good care of our family and is gentle and loving. Only Christ is perfect, but my husband is perfect for me! I will keep you posted, and will keep praying because I know my Father has everything under control. Thanks for reading my late night ramblings and I think I have just discovered how I blog best. Late at night, while it is quiet and I relax with a nice glass of red wine. hmm.

Have a blessed weekend dear readers.



Happy Campers

If you have been following my blog for a while you will recall that we invested in our family by purchasing a camper this year, we have gone twice already and are going again twice in the next month and a half. We highly recommend this type of investment to all families, it takes away the hassle of setting up and the physical aches of sleeping on the ground and makes for some great, quality family time! We have camped once in NY and once in VT so far this summer and both trips were amazing! God is a creative creator and it is so nice to be out in the midst of His bounty, enjoying quiet time together. Whenever we head out for a camping trip the electronics stay home, save for our phones to take some photos. But we don’t have a TV on board and never will, we do not sit and play games on our phones or tablets either. We play board games, outdoor games, go swimming  and enjoy each other’s company over some yummy food. If you have never taken your children camping, I urge you to. In this high wired world we live in I think it is truly important to take time out to appreciate what is important. God bless you and enjoy your weekend, perhaps outdoors!


Well, here we go again!

So summer is definitely here and has been for a while, and it has not been uneventful. As if tending to chickens and all the summer fun we want to squeeze in wasn’t enough we also had several storms these past few months. I broke my hand in June and had to have surgery and was of course in a cast for several weeks. This was very frustrating because I was unable to do very much around the home and it truly drove me bonkers! It’s amazing what being unable to do even the things that you do not necessarily enjoy will do to you because ever since that baby came off I have been on the go go go! Our garden did not thrive due to our premature seed starting and my inability to tend to it properly for several weeks, but that is okay because I am also going to redesign our setup up for it before next summer because it was not going to work out as well as I had hoped anyway. Our chickens are thriving, and we have already slaughtered our meat hen and roos. We will be acquiring more, there is nothing like eating a fresh bird that you raised and killed for food yourself; knowing what has gone into it and the freedom and comfort it had until it was time to serve its purpose. We still have a couple of months before we will have any eggs but we are loving our birds and if I could expand right now I totally would build a bigger coop and run and get my hands on several more!

The next big storm we went thru is that on the very day I got my cast off, our beloved Mollie girl was killed. She was run over just across the street; talk about heartbreak. We may have only had her five years but she was the best dog you could ever find. The lady who hit her had the decency to come and tell me herself and I gave her grace and forgiveness. I think my husband and I took it harder than the boys and that is okay. When he got home from work that night my husband built a wooden box to bury her in and we had a burial for her in our yard. We had always said after her we would not be getting another dog but there is a void in our hearts and we have plans to fill it in the next several months with a new dog who is to be retired and  re-homed. She was irreplaceable though and we sure miss her. God bless you Mollie!


Now that things are finally getting back to normal with my healing and our mourning; it is time to start thinking about the new school year! I just ordered most of our curriculum yesterday and once we have had enough time with it to form an opinion I will be writing some reviews! We are going to use Apologia Astronomy for science, Teaching Textbooks for math, A-Beka for language, The Mystery of History; and I am undecided on the rest of the subjects as I will be using a variety of resources for geography, the arts, and Bible studies. I am getting really excited to get back into our school routine and am currently cleaning out our classroom to make room for the new material.

Finally, I have taken on a new hobby! We have purchased several old pieces of furniture recently and I am in the process of refinishing them. This is just a sneak peek as I have just begun but I’m already loving this, it’s relaxing and rewarding to watch something transform at the palm of your hands.


Okay so at the risk of sounding redundant, keep checking back for updates and hopefully a consistent blog. Let’s just pray that life stays calm and cool enough that I do not have to put things I enjoy on the back burner for so long. I hope you are having a blessed and enjoyable summer, I am personally ready for fall. 🙂

God bless!