Happy Campers

If you have been following my blog for a while you will recall that we invested in our family by purchasing a camper this year, we have gone twice already and are going again twice in the next month and a half. We highly recommend this type of investment to all families, it takes away the hassle of setting up and the physical aches of sleeping on the ground and makes for some great, quality family time! We have camped once in NY and once in VT so far this summer and both trips were amazing! God is a creative creator and it is so nice to be out in the midst of His bounty, enjoying quiet time together. Whenever we head out for a camping trip the electronics stay home, save for our phones to take some photos. But we don’t have a TV on board and never will, we do not sit and play games on our phones or tablets either. We play board games, outdoor games, go swimming  and enjoy each other’s company over some yummy food. If you have never taken your children camping, I urge you to. In this high wired world we live in I think it is truly important to take time out to appreciate what is important. God bless you and enjoy your weekend, perhaps outdoors!


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