Life is full of curves, and hills and bumps. We have so many sunny days and rainbows but we often go thru storms. A broken hand, losing a family pet… those are a couple. But when someone you love & cherish is sick, that is tough. It can be scary! I am sitting here up later than I usually am because my heart is alert, worried, and lonely.  My best friend is in the hospital tonight, we won’t have any answers til morning. We know it’s his gallbladder, and that he may or may not have an infection and may or may not be having surgery performed. But even when you know it isn’t the worse case scenario, it can still be pretty scary. For me, losing weight is important (though very difficult) because my family history holds heart disease, and obesity. For my husband, this is scary to me because of everything that is so close in that cluster of the human body. You see, his  mother died from pancreatic cancer several years ago. So, my husband having stomach related issues is definitely worrisome  to me. I’ve been praying, and trying to keep my mind busy with school planning and mindless tasks. Acting strong, especially for the sake of my boys. But I am not going to lie, I am scared. I even asked God to not let me lose him anytime soon, I know that the complications  from this are rare but I am a natural born worrier (take after my late father) so I have to remind myself that God has GOT this, and everything else in our lives! My husband had other concerns related to recovery, and I told him it is what it is and God will handle it. So why is it so hard to remember that for myself? Am I struggling more right now because I have  had such a rough year? Perhaps. I have suffered a lot of loss and heartbreak this year and it has really changed me as a person, my husband and I have also grown even closer together and even renewed our vows. So I think I continue cherishing him more and more as time goes on. I mean who wouldn’t, he is a hardworking and respectable man who takes good care of our family and is gentle and loving. Only Christ is perfect, but my husband is perfect for me! I will keep you posted, and will keep praying because I know my Father has everything under control. Thanks for reading my late night ramblings and I think I have just discovered how I blog best. Late at night, while it is quiet and I relax with a nice glass of red wine. hmm.

Have a blessed weekend dear readers.



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