We go thru many seasons in life, the natural seasons of our world as well as our own personal seasons. The last two earthly seasons have been a long seasons of turmoil for me. I have been going through a lot and not been in the mood to be a cheerful or committed blogger like I would enjoy. The election season certainly took a toll on me and I am not even going to get into all of that. But here I am trying to pick up all my pieces and get back to things that bring me joy.

Our chickens are doing well, we have laying Easter eggers now! We, as a family are in the process of learning to use bows to hunt in the spring! We are super excited about that! The boys are thriving with their school work, extra curricular activities, and social commitments. We are super excited that Christmas season is upon us because it brings the boys and I immense joy! We are continuing our fun traditions and adding some new ones, I will share along with you throughout the month!

I don’t have much to say right now because my heart is still mending, I am slowly getting back into all of my hobbies and goals. I am also going back to school in January, grad school! I am super excited about that, and I have taken up writing again and am working on a novel.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week everyone, be safe and enjoy! ❤