Where does the time go? The past several months have been hectic and busy! A lot of changes in our lives, our oldest moved into his own place which was a huge adjustment for all, the boys have their own rooms again which has cut down on the rivalry a little (winning!) And we have acquired more chickens as well as some bunnies! The Christmas rush and cleanup is over and we are settling back into routine. We are starting this new year with some curriculum overhaul and we are super excited to dive into the new material. I will probably post some reviews in a few weeks. The boys have ski passes this winter so we spend one or two days a week at the mountain, they ski for literally hours and I enjoy the cozy lodge and some books and crafts.

My husband is so happy in his new job as are we because we finally get to enjoy much more quality time with him. This has been an adjustment as well because with better hours came a significant pay cut, but we are faithful and God is good! I am working hard to get my mom cave reorganized to create an ideal workspace so that I may devote more time to my etsy business and my usborne sales.

The most important thing going on in our lives right now is the time and effort we are devoting to God and our growth as Christians, we are spending more time in His word as individuals, a couple, and a family. My husband and I are diving into children’s ministry as well. And I will end this update here and say that if you have any prayer requests, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment and it will be my honor to include you in my daily prayers. I pray that this year will be one full of joy and blessings for all of you!