I’m truly an awful blogger!

Why do I keep doing this? I come, I make a post about getting better about this and then I am nowhere to be seen for months. I guess I feel like I never have enough good content to post about it so it would be kind of pointless, that maybe nobody cares to read my blog because I am inconsistent and uninteresting. But, maybe it’s just that I am not putting forth enough effort, or putting too much rather than not enough thought into it. What kind of content do you like to read? My blog is “suppose” to be about our homeschooling and homesteading journeys, which have had a lot of ups and downs over the past couple of years. Maybe I need to quit trying to have a theme to my writing and just write from my heart. There are also a lot of things I’d like to write about but they aren’t mine to write about, they are part of my husband’s journey. Something I am very passionate and have a lot to say about is my faith, my Lord, my Savior, my God! Maybe that is what I am suppose to write about. I am certainly not all knowing, but I am definitely passionate; and our country, our world, needs a revival! I don’t know what “lil ole me” can do, but I do know that “nothing” is not an option, and if my words can help even one person find their way to Christ, then it is all worth it.

I am not going to sit here today and merely say “I’ll do better at this” I am going to commit to writing more, I am going to start small rather than setting myself up for failure, and I am going to commit to writing at least once a week. If I do more than that, fantastic! If I do at least that, then I’ll be pleased with myself. I’d love to share my wisdom and growth with all of you and encourage anyone that I can, because I have come to realize that is what God has made me. An “encourager.” I love praying for others as well so if you are in need of prayer feel free to comment or send me a message. I don’t even need all the details, God already knows that but if you could use the comfort of knowing that at least one more person is praying with you then I’d love to be that one more.

We are getting ready to begin a new homeschool year in a couple of weeks and we’ve had several little adventures this summer. I am not going to simply jot down the basics about each of these today though, this will be part of my commitment. I will return with plenty to say on anything I’d like to share, I think that is part of my problem is I cram everything into one post, devoting a paragraph at best to each story or item and then I have nothing left to say so my blog sits collecting virtual dust for months on end.

I leave you with this and will return very soon! Have a blessed day, week, and rest of this month! Know that you are loved by the one who knows you best, the one who created you and knows you even better than you know yourself. God bless you!