My four favorite months, the best time of the year! It is almost upon us and I geek out that my birthday kicks it all off! I’m already indulging in all things pumpkin and after an incredibly hard start to August I have already decked the house out for fall, I needed the pick me up.

4th and 7th great are off to a rockin start, and our furry baby count has grown yet again. We have come under the attack of Satan once again, with the start of my husband’s pastoral studies. But now that the initial boom has passed, I refuse to let him flatten our faith or steal our joy! Our family could use your continued prayers but we have an exciting and insanely busy month ahead, full of growth and celebration and I am taking you along for the ride!

Enjoy the snapshots from August and get ready for a fun filled final third of the year! What are some of your fall and holiday traditions? I am excited to share ours with you so stay tuned!